Ong-Bak 3 (2010) Movie Review

We already know how good the two previous Ong-Bak movies were, where the first one delivered a seemingly original type of action with lots of great bone-crushing fights and an almost perfect performance by Tony Jaa. And the second, written and directed by the same guy who portrays the main character, also delivers one of the most entertaining and must watch online movies in, with great fighting scenes and a wonderful cinematography.

Now, with Ong-Bak 3, we can see Tony Jaa again in the role of Tien, the main character of Ong-
Bak 2 who’s now captured and condemned to be decapitated by Lord Rasajena. However, he’s eventually rescued and sent back to the same old village Kana Kohne. But he’s totally broken to pieces, so he needs to bounce back to his normal state and his karma all up. Once he’s already into the perfect state of body and mind, Tien goes in the search of the freedom for his village, in a final battle where he has to give everything in order to save what’s more precious to him.

A Wonderful Saga – Ong Bak Final Sequel

In 2003, the first Ong-Bak was released. One of the biggest and most interesting Thai productions, with the support of Luc Besson and his Europa Corp film production company. In its international release, Tony Jaa made his presentation as a fighting machine who knew how to make people like action thanks to his wonderful characterization and the great performance he gave.

Actually, in order to know why the saga is so important, we must take a look at the great performances Tony Jaa gave during the whole process of the movies. Even other movies were also being released and filmed before and after Ong Bak and look like Tony Jaa was the main thing that made people go to the cinemas and watch it.

This movie promised since the beginning, since the first second it became alive on a cinema screen, Tony Jaa gave maybe the best performance he has given in his career. And thanks to that, this saga had such a wonderful fan base that kept being faithful to his action and wonderful fighting. But now that it is in its third release, the saga has become inherently a Tony Jaa movie.

In addition, he was the director and writer of the second one, as if it wasn’t enough to be the main character, Tony Jaa went to the most ambitious road and delivered a great performance along with great directing to make maybe the most interesting movie of the saga. Then, he came back for the third, again as the main character and most importantly – as the director and writer.

This has made of this saga one of the most interesting in the industry, both artistically and in the making of. That’s why it could deliver such a wonderful feeling on the screen, with powerful fighting scenes, great sceneries, fast action and a great history that even though its originality is not the best, it could still make a lot of people invest their time in it. At the end, this saga became the saga of Jaa’s, the fighter from Thai.

The Action

The fighting in this movie, however, are not as big and constant as in the last two. But still, the fights are as good and greatly choreographed as in Ong-Bak 2, where Tony Jaa is for sure putting his hand on the fire and taking out the best of the best fighting scenes in Thai cinema.

But due to the silly and mellow story which tries to deliver some kind of metaphoric plot, a little weird sometimes and totally awkward for how the movie develops, the movie ends up being totally different from the last two. It’s the same Jaa’s style, but with less fighting and a little more background – that doesn’t work at all.

However, the action is still there. Even though it’s not as good as the second one or as original as the first, it is still there and so much can be said about it. First, the action is not as mellow as the story, so we can some kind of balance there, making it at least more interesting for those who went to the cinema in search of more action and less story.

Secondly, dialogue and the script tried to deliver a different type of story that didn’t work too well, but thanks to the choreograph, the great cinematography during the action scenes and the best charisma Tony Jaa brings to the screen, we can totally enjoy the movie in its entirety. Even though it is not what everyone was expecting.

The action is good enough, and it’s delivered with professionalism at least. Maybe not as good as the second one when it comes to action, and not as attention-grabbing as the first one. But as a whole, the movie is OK, with lots of entertaining for those who were looking for a seemingly good balance between action, fighting, mythology, silly story and more fighting.

The Story

As said before, the story of this movie is maybe the biggest con of it all. The story is so confusing, the rhythm is totally disparate, the structure is poor and the development is too fast, enough mistakes to make the movie feel mellow, sometimes confusing and other times incredibly silly and desperate.

The worst about the story of this movie was the mysticism it tried to bring to the storytelling. It plays with the patience of the viewer, no matter where his from, everyone will start to feel as the movie is trying to explain something we don’t want to see, something we don’t care, the movie could’ve stick to the action but instead wanted to show a little weird part of the Thai culture (if it was that) and failed incredibly. That’s why this story made the movie worst, even though it wasn’t going to be bad at all.

Maybe Jaa though that giving this kind of touch to the story would make it more interesting, but as a risky idea, it didn’t deliver what it was supposed to deliver. The story in itself is not bad but had a lot of things to fix and repair, change and completely forget about. This movie was saved by the action, but the story made it a totally forgettable experience.

The Third One, A Different One

It is a shame that this last release of the Ong-Bak saga (even though it is not a saga exactly) didn’t the necessary perfect story and action everyone wanted. It had a lot of potentials actually, but as risky ideas are made of uncertainty, that uncertainty attacked the core of this movie, making it one of the silliest and most uninteresting action movies of the last decade.

However, it still visible the effort Tony Jaa offers in every one of his performances. Not only could he maintain the movie in high expectations, but actually delivered maybe the best of his performances with this saga. However, his talent as a director and writer are not as good, despite the fact that he made pretty great stories and delivered great cinematography, Tony Jaa may not be the perfect option for that kind of role in the making of.

As a whole, the movie is presentable. Not good, not bad, but good enough and somehow bad. It delivers a silly story with great action, but no more.

Great movie for anyone on a Sunday afternoon that will not blow your mind, neither will it make you feel totally interested. Just remember that it is an action movie, nothing more.