Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior (2003) Movie Review

Ong Bak Thair Warrior

Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior is a movie about a Muay Thai fighter portrayed by Tony Jaa; one of the most famous true Muay Thai kickboxers who went from being just a fighter to a total movie star with tons of fighting movies in his career. This movie is one of the best of its kind, according to multiple critics and audiences, especially for its wonderful control of every fighting scene and how Tony Jaa, the main actor did all of his leaps, dives, jumps and risky scenes by himself.

This movie made a before and after on fighting movies in the 2000s. Being a Thai movie it wasn’t so well-received in the world, but still could get a lot of recognition and appraisal for those who are true fanatics and enthusiasts of such a wonderful genre.

However, what makes this movie truly important for its genre is how it maintains the action, the fighting scenes without making the audience be invested in romance, drama, or emotional spikes that could bring a little distraction from the real purpose of the movie – make fighting interesting and more creative. A totally wonderful experience on fighting movies that haven’t been made before, and how great it resulted to be…

The Story

The story of the movie is not something many people were expecting. It is so simple but at the same time sufficiently important to give the main character enough drive to do what he does best – kick asses!

The title of the movie “Ong Bak” makes reference to one of the oldest and most iconic Buuda’s statues in Thailand, situated inside a Buddhist temple. This statue is more than 200 years old and according to the peasants and villagers, the statue has magic powers.

One night, an old inhabitant of the village called Don played by Wannakit Siriput, forces some partners to steal the head of the statue by cutting it and taking it to one of the most fearful gangsters of Bangkok. The villagers, when they found out about the statue being cut, where all desolated and scared, wanted someone from the village to look for the missing part of the statue. And who’s better for that than a trainee of the temple – an orphan called Ting (Tony Jaa) with awesome fighting skills in order to find and bring back what belongs to the village.

Ting goes to Bangkok in search of the missing statue, and starts one of the most interesting and exciting adventures of his life. He meets some people who eventually help him to find the statue and bring it back to the village. However, the task wasn’t as easy as he thought it was going to be.

He gets immersed in the most difficult situations he could have ever imagined. He’s is forced to fight on illegal fights in the streets of Bangkok, where he defeats all of his opponents. The final fight is against the man who forced him to fight in exchange of the statue, but he finds out that he wants to trick him, so he has to go after him and obtain what is his.

What Makes This Movie so Good

Ong Bak is the kind of movie that makes you jump out of your seat. And not because it will scare you or because it will make you feel thrilled, but because it will make you incredibly excited about every fighting, persecution and action scene across the whole movie.

The bone-crushing action used in this movie is something that makes the movie unique and almost perfect in its kind. Even though the story is not as big and doesn’t make such of an impression on the audience, the movie still inflicts a lot of importance on the viewers in order to maintain them on their seats at all moments… until the fights starts – and that’s where you will have to grab your seat harder.

There are lots of things in this movie, from wonderful car chases, sexy girls, evil gangster, fearful fighters, a lot of fight scenes and a seemingly good guy main character that will have to change his entire mindset about life if he wants to bring back to his village what belongs to his village.

When it comes to martial arts, Ong Bak is simply one of the best, as the fans say thatTony Jaa, a real kickboxer portrays perfectly the most ritualized muay thai positions in order to add a little more credibility to the movie and how it affects the audience’s impression on the fight scenes.

This movie is simply one of the best in its kind, and so wonderfully made that changed a lot the way people see fight movies of this kind. If you are thinking of watching it, you can be totally assured that you won’t be disappointed if what you’re looking is to get entertained with great fighting scenes. But if what you’re looking is a powerful storytelling and fewer fights – this movie is not for you.

If you like action, fight scenes, chases, wonderfully made martial arts representations and a very good actor who knows how to bring attention to himself – this martial movie will totally cheer you up!